Lattice ECP3 Low Power Devices with SERDES/DDR3 Memory

LatticeECP3 Low Power - Expect Cool Things Image

The new Low Power FPGAs consume 40% lower static power compared to the standard LatticeECP3 devices. This results in up to 30% lower total power consumption compared to the competing devices in the mid-range FPGA category.

Lattice Semiconductor is offering Low Power versions for each member of the LatticeECP3 FPGA family. It includes Low Power versions for each existing speed grade (-6L, -7L, -8L) and for both ‘Commercial’ and ‘Industrial’ temperature grades.



The new Low Power devices are industry’s lowest power mid-range FPGAs with high-quality 3.2G SERDES, high-speed DDR3 memory interface, and up to 320 full-fledged DSP slices. The LatticeECP3 FPGAs also feature superior simultaneously-switching-output and ESD characteristics. The Low Power devices empower designers to take the flexibility of FPGAs to power-budget limited professional consumer, cameras, portable displays, and wireless & wireline communication applications.

Applications of LatticeECP3 Low Power FPGAs
DomainDescriptionSample Products
Professional Cameras

Professional and Broadcast Camcorders
with high-speed Video Capabilities

LatticeECP3 Low Power - Application - Camcorder 
Portable Displays

Portable Displays
with High Definition Video

LatticeECP3 Low Power - Application - Portable Display

Compact Communication

Pluggable Transceivers
with Data Rates above 1 Gbps

LatticeECP3 Low Power - Application - Pluggable Transceiver


Design Software

In order to get the most up-to-date software that supports these new Low Power devices, please download an update to Lattice Diamond 1.4 or a later version from Lattice Diamond Downloads and Licensing web-page.


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