Harness the Revolutionary Power of HMC!

Micron's First HMC Samples Ship to Customers − Unprecedented Performance Unleashed!

After much industry anticipation, we’re shipping the world’s first 2GB Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) engineering samples. Customers can now harness the revolutionary power of HMC in their designs to deliver unprecedented levels of bandwidth and power efficiency to their systems.

Samples of the 2GB short-reach (SR) form factor are available in two package sizes. The 31mm x 31mm package provides full 160 GB/s bandwidth. The 16mm x 19.5mm is available for designs requiring a smaller form factor and is optimal for systems utilizing less-than-full bandwidth.

Samples of the 4GB SR HMC device will be available in 2014 with volume production of HMC devices expected later in 2014.

About HMC  

HMC represents an entirely new leap forward in memory technology. It combines high-speed logic and DRAM layers into one optimized 3D package that leverages through-silicon via (TSV) technology.

Quick HMC Features


We designed the HMC to enrich next-generation networking, drive significant reductions in data center power consumption, and enable exascale supercomputing. By designing in our HMC, customers benefit from our unrivaled memory expertise, tools, and technical support to harness the revolutionary power of this technology.

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Single Package HMC
HMC Layers
HMC Collection

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