Automotive grade FPGAs: Instant Innovation with Lattice

Lattice offers a wide variety of programmable logic products and solutions to meet demands of the automotive industry. Lattice’s portfolio of products are designed to meet the automotive industry’s stringent requirements such as quality, reliability, product life cycle, power and packaging. Lattice FPGA’s are a perfect choice for a wide range of automotive applications such as Infotainment, Instrument cluster & Driver assistance.



Extremely Easy to Use

•          Over 50 IP cores and reference designs – most with ‘try before you buy’ – accelerate your development time

•          Over 5 Evaluation kits starting at $99

•          Simple to use Diamond design software with licenses starting at $99

Connect with Your System

•          Up to 16 channels @ 3.125 Gbps

•          PCI Express, Ethernet (GbE, XAUI, & SGMII), HDMI, SMPTE, Serial Rapid I/O, CPRI and JESD204A/B

•          800 Mbps DDR3, 1 Gbps LVDS

•          Up to 586 programmable sysIO buffers

Create Extraordinary Functions

•          Up to 150 kLUTs

•          Up to 6.8 Mbits of SRAM

•          320 18x18 multipliers

Hugely Efficient, Surprisingly Compact

•          Wide array of packages as small as 10x10 mm

•          Power consumption from below 0.5 W

•          Pricing starting at $5.00


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