Lattice iCE40 FPGA Instant Mobile Innovation

 Now Shipping in Millions!

Now you can create ingenious mobile products while staying well within your cost, power, size and schedule targets. Our iCE40 devices allow instant innovation by customizing solutions based on off-the-shelf chips. Which means maximum product differentiation with minimum cost and effort. Available in two series: low power (LP) and high performance (HX). 

Extremely Easy to Use

  • Over 30 reference designs
  • Evaluation kits under $39
  • Free iCEcube2 development tool

Customize Your Design. And Customize it Again.

  • Fully programmable via design software
  • Non-volatile, single-chip solution
  • Quickly add proprietary features to your design

Millions Shipping Every Week

  • Proven supply – one billion units shipped over 10 years
  • Supporting high volume production runs

Need Innovation? Need it now?

  • No waiting for next generation chipsets – freedom from ASSP and chipsets without ASICs
  • Programmable iCE40 FPGAs let you innovate instantly

Designed with Mobile in Mind

  • Industry's lowest cost PLDs suitable for all production volumes – from thousands to millions
  • Industry's broadest range of 0.4mm pitch BGAs fit in space-constrained applications
  • Power as low as 25µW to maximize battery life
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