GizmoSphere Gizmo Board Devours the MinnowBoard

Aug 62013

From the deepest open source waters of the world, the AMD G-Series based GizmoSphereGizmo board has emerged and devoured the Intel Atom based MinnowBoard with ease. 

Gizmo is a small form factor, low-cost development board for embedded innovators. It combines the power of a supercomputer with the I/O capabilities of a microcontroller. Built upon the first of its kind AMD Embedded G-series APU, the Gizmo board delivers 52.8 GFLOPS at less than 10W.  Merging this performance power with direct access to a wide range of interfaces including GPIO, ADC/DAC, PWM, I2C, SPI, USB, SATA and PCIe provides even greater functionality and design possibilities. The Gizmo enables direct access to every I/O feature available on the AMD based platform through two custom card edge connectors: high-speed and low-speed.

The Gizmo board is available on its ownbut the real deal is the GizmoSphere Gizmo Explorer Kit which includes the Gizmo board, Explorer board, Sage SmartProbe, USB cable/wall charger, CAT5e cable, flash drive with EDK, boots and OS, keypad and power supply all for just $199.00.

GIZMO, the super powerful compact x86 development board, allows you to tap into your inner inventor to develop in everything from multicore computing to high performance PC-style I/O, open source, accessible embedded I/O, hardware virtualization, and more.  When compared to the MinnowBoard, the Gizmo board out-powers and out-performs in every way.  Once your design goes into production and starts to ship around the world "you are going to need a bigger boat"!


 Posted by Michael Venezia, Symmetry Electronics








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