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Our next-generation M500 solid state drive (SSD) is designed to meet the increasingly demanding needs of the mobile computing market. The M500 delivers strong performance, greatly reduces power consumption, and provides exceptional data protection features. It is offered in three thin, lightweight form factors with capacities from 120–960GB. In fact, the M500 packs nearly half a terabyte into an M.2 SSD module—a new form factor that’s the size of a stick of gum. It’s an ideal size for ultrathin computers, including Ultrabook™ devices, tablets, and laptops.

We built the M500 from start to finish using our 20nm MLC NAND Flash—one of the most advanced and cost-effective NAND devices in the industry—and our custom SSD firmware. The result is a high-quality and reliable drive at a very competitive price point from a trusted NAND manufacturer.


Why Choose the M500 SSD?

High Performance and Responsiveness: Enables significantly faster boot, file, and application load times compared to traditional hard drives.

Low Power: Consumes significantly less power that our previous-generation SSDs, which translates to longer battery life for mobile applications.

Best-in-Class Hardware Encryption: Self encryption maintains data security in the event of a device theft or loss. Unlike some competitors, the M500 complies with several stringent industry standards, including TCG Opal 2.0 and IEEE 1667. This means it meets compliance regulations for government and large organizations (medical, banking, etc.) that require a centrally managed encryption solution that cannot be defeated by individual users.

Power-Loss Protection:  In the rare event that power fails while the drive is operating, power-loss protection helps ensure that data isn’t corrupted. To supplement our power-sensing firmware protection, our SSD engineers designed physical power reserves (capacitors) that are specifically tailored to our NAND requirements and deliver enough power to ensure data remains intact.  

Adaptive Thermal Throttling: Continuously samples temperature and monitors for extreme conditions. If the temperature exceeds 65°C (150°F), the drive works with the host to adjust NAND workload and power consumption to help decrease the temperature back within the acceptable range—an important feature for tightly designed systems with little airflow.

Flexibility: Offered in three thin, lightweight form factors and several different capacities from 120–960GB to meet unique application requirements.

Reliability: Built from the ground up, the M500 is a high-quality, reliable drive from a trusted NAND manufacturer.


Ultrathins are the future of the mobile PC industry, and we designed the M500 SSD with the following extended features for the ultrathin market:

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