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 Minco, a DLA qualified manufacturer with unmatched expertise in High Reliability (Hi-Rel) packaging and testing, leads the industry in the manufacturing and assembly of end-of-life and obsolete semiconductor packaging and components and builds sophisticated QML standard parts used in military, aerospace, medical, high-temperature, and other harsh environment and industrial applications.

Minco’s established relationships with chip manufacturers provides a vast selection of bare die, subject to rigorous testing before sale. Minco meets or exceeds the general performance requirements for integrated circuits and microcircuits, as well as quality and reliability assurance requirements, delivering products that meet each customer’s unique specifications.

Bare Die

Through exhaustive electrical and visual testing, Minco ensures that each die meets the applicable 2010 requirements of MIL-STD-883. 

Minco partners with numerous manufacturers including Linear Tech, Fairchild, Cypress, and many others to provide a wide variety of product types and offers a complete menu of die processing services, wafer inspection services, and wafer testing services for both Minco and consigned material.

Minco ensures that each die is electrically tested at the wafer level and that all failures are identified and removed from the lot when the dice are separated from the wafer. When wafer / die level testing requirements are not specified in the procurement documents, Minco selects the parameters, conditions, and limits that will assure compliance with the electrical characteristics. 

 Hi-Rel & Custom Packaging

Minco provides comprehensive packaging services for various electronic components, including Digital, Linear, Mixed Signal, Analog, Multi-chip modules and more. Minco designs, builds, and tests hermetic packaging/QML and chip scale packaging for various markets including Aerospace, Defense, Medical, and others.

Minco has cultivated a process baseline to fully support government microcircuit application and logistic programs and provides elegant aftermarket solutions for custom or discontinued integrated circuit application, including Linear, Logic, Memory, and Mixed-Signal components.

A certified AS9100 and ISO9001-2000 company, Minco specializes in Hi-Rel technologies, services and solutions. 

Standard Products 

Minco is a DLA qualified manufacturer and assembler of end-of-life and obsolete semiconductor components and provides over 300 QML standard parts used in military, aerospace, medical, high-temperature, and other harsh environment and industrial applications. Device specifications define the detailed requirements, specific characteristics of microcircuits, and other provisions, which are sensitive to the particular use intended.

Test Services | Semiconductor Testing

Proper component testing and qualification can reduce the occurrence of future issues on Hi-Rel, mission-critical projects. Minco engineers have the diverse experience across semiconductor device architecture, advanced semiconductor test equipment and software to extensively test components.

Minco’s capabilities include but are not limited to:


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