Lattice Releases New Sensor Extender Solution

New Sensor Extender Enables Longer Distances between Image Sensor and ISP

Lattice has released a sensor extender solution to support applications in which the image sensor cannot be located near the Image Signal Processor (ISP), such as in checkout scanners and automotive back-up cameras. The reference design utilizes two MachXO2™ ultra-low density FPGAs. One MachXO2 device sits adjacent to the image sensor, serializes the image data, and transmits it across a CAT5e/6 cable. The other MachXO2 device, sits just before the ISP, receives the image data, and deserializes it.

Sensor Extender

Easy-to-Use Development Kits

To produce a working demonstration of the reference design, engineers can use the SensorExtender Board Kit along with an HDR-60 base board and MT9M024 NanoVesta sensor board. The kit includes two sensor extender cards labeled Rx and Tx, a CAT5E Ethernet cable, a USB cable for programming, and the QuickSTART Guide. Each sensor extender card utilizes a MachXO2-4000 device. Depending on the sensor that you interface with in your design, a smaller density FPGA device may be used.

The sensor extender cards are preloaded with design bitstreams in each MachXO2 device. However, the HDR-60 base board will need to be programmed with the appropriate bitstream to view video through the development set. To accelerate development time, all support documents and required bitstreams are readily available on the Lattice website.

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To learn more about the MachXO2™ ultra-low density FPGA and the SensorExtender Board Kit, visit the Lattice website or contact your locaLattice sales representative.

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