Micron Hybrid Memory Cube, Memory Product of the Year


A Revolution in Memory


Multi-core processing is bringing incredible advances to super computing and advanced networking systems, advances that will require a new level of memory efficiency and performance. At Micron, we’ve developed an entirely new architecture that maximizes the full potential of these high-performance systems.


This year’s awards mark a critical juncture in the industry, as system designers across a broad range of applications look for new memory system designs that will support increased demands for bandwidth, density and power efficiency. Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) has been recognized by industry leaders and influencers as the long-awaited answer to the growing gap between the performance improvement rate of DRAM versus processor data consumption rate – a dilemma known as the “memory wall.”

Micron’s Newest Memory Innovation

We’ve combined fast logic process technology and advanced DRAM designs to create an entirely new category we’re calling Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) technology. The end result is a high bandwidth, low energy, high-density memory system that’s unlike anything on the market today. Read in EE Times how HMC was chosen as one of ten technologies expected to redefine the electronics industry.


The Real Difference is in the Cube

HMC will provide a revolutionary performance shift that will enrich next-generation networking and enable exaflop-scale supercomputing:

Bandwidth — a single HMC can provide more than 15x the performance of a DDR3 module.
Power Reductions — HMC is dramatically more efficient than current memory,
using 70% less energy per bit than DDR3.
Smaller Physical Systems — HMC’s stacked architecture uses nearly 90% less space than today’s RDIMMs.


About the HMC Consortium

The HMC Consortium is a working group made up of industry leaders that build, design in, or enable hybrid memory cube (HMC) technology. The group works to innovate and expand define the HMC interface specification to maximize the capabilities of the next generation of memory-based solutions.

Visit the HMC Consortium Web site.

Want to Know More?

For more information about Micron's Hybrid Memory Cube technology, please see our HMC technology page. To request a data sheet, contact us.

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