Memory Lifecycle Solutions Bring Stability

Memory Choices for Mass Market Distribution Customers

Premium Lifecycle ProductsMicron’s Product Lifecycle Solutions bring the stability of our memory support in alignment with the lifecycle of your design. Depending on your specific requirements, choose between our standard lifecycle support and the extended support of our Product Longevity Program (PLP).

Our Standard Lifecycle Products include robust support that aligns with a vast majority of application time lines. Our PLP products go one step further for long-life applications that need extended support for 7 to 10+ years.

Standard Lifecycle Products

For customers with application life cycles of up to 7+ years


Product Longevity Program (PLP) Products

For customers with application life cycles of 7–10+years

  1. Select DRAM, NAND, and NOR products
  2. Stability and longevity for mission-critical applications with extensive design-in or requalification requirements
  3. Minimum 10-year form, fit, function compatibility from the date of introduction
  4. Extended 2-year conversion timeline in case of part number change or discontinuance

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