Minco: POWER Rectifier Modules

Minco announces the expansion of its standard linear products offering with the introduction of the POWER Rectifier Modules designed for Heavy Industrial Products.

Minco Technology Labs: Heavy Industrial Products POWER Rectifier Modules

POWER Rectifier / Rectifier Module Target Applications includes: 

  • Motor Controller/Driver
  • Brake controllers/actuators
  • Inductive Clamping diodes
  • Clipping diodes
  • AC to DC rectification diodeFreewheel diodes for High Power Inverters DC - Choppers/Snubbers 
    • Half Wave, single & three phase
    • Full Wave, single & three phase

POWER Rectifier / Rectifier Module User Platforms Market Platform examples:

  • Heavy Industrial
    • High current chargers
    • High current generators
    • Motor controllers / drivers
    • Uninterruptable Power Supplies
    • Solar Inverters
    • Overvoltage protection
  • Trains / Transport
    • Utility vehicles
    • Aerial lifts
    • interlocks 
  • Aviation
    • Actuators
    • Braking Systems
    • Hydraulic System Controls
    • Power Systems/Distribution

These Minco devices are fully operational and samples are available today. Datasheets For Each Of These POWER Rectifier Modules Are Available Here:

 Minco MTUFS180600IST6 - 180A, 600V, Isolated Power Rectifier Module Datasheet


Download Minco Datasheet - Power Module


 Minco Minco MTUFS300600ST6 300A, 600V, Non-Isolated Power Rectifier Module Datasheet


Download Minco Datasheet - Power Module 300A 600V

Minco Technology Labs: MTUFS310400ST6 310A, 400V, Non-Isolated Power Rectifier Module Datasheet

Download Minco Datasheet - Power Module 300A 600V

Learn about our newest Products Here:


For more downloads and other information available our Minco Technology Labs Products and Services

Visit:  https://www.mincotech.com/content/minco-technology-labs-llc-papers-and-datasheets-available-download

~David Harrison, VP of Engineering at Minco Technology Labs, LLC in Austin, TX


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