Micron's M500DC Enterprise SSD's -- High Demand

Satisfy 24/7 Data Center Demands


Enterprise applications are experiencing tremendous demands for greater throughput due to rapid growth in mobile applications, cloud services, and connected devices. Satisfy these 24/7 demands with our M500DC Enterprise SATA SSD, which is optimized for data center appliances andenterprise storage applications that require 1 to 3 drive fills per day, as well as excellent sustained random performance. We’ve designed the M500DC with the enhanced reliability and endurance of a high-end enterprise drive—but at a broadly accessible price point. This high-value SSD is available in industry-standard 1.8-inch and 2.5-inch form factors and 120GB to 800GB capacities for your growing storage needs.

The M500DC helps protect data, extend drive life, and optimize performance thanks to its extended performance and enhanced reliability technology (XPERT) features—including data path protection, power-loss protection, and adaptive read management. With the M500DC, you also get world-class support and proven quality and reliability from a vertically integrated NAND Flash manufacturer who produces some of the world’s most advanced, application-focused memory and storage solutions.


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M500DC Ideal Applications: Big data analytics; Video-on-demand (VOD) streaming; Virtualization; Database; Read caching

Deliver More Value 

Deliver more value to your enterprise applications with these M500DC key benefits:   

Get Enterprise Features From the “XPERTs”

The M500DC uses our XPERT features—including adaptive read management (ARM/OR), data path protection, redundant array of independent NAND (RAIN), reduced command access latency (ReCAL), and NAND customizations—to improve performance and reliability, provide the flexibility to integrate the SSD to the end application, and ensure long-term, trouble-free operation.Download the XPERT technical brief

Achieve the Perfect Balance  

With the M500DC, you don’t have to sacrifice endurance for better performance. When designing the M500DC, our NAND experts used their in-depth knowledge of the NAND device, firmware, and controller to achieve the perfect balance, making the M500DC a great fit for the heavy workloads of data center applications:   

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