Our Team

Mega Tech is the most effective electronics manufacturer's rep firm serving the state of Florida and Puerto Rico. Our keen understanding of technology coupled with our strong customer relationships enable us to drive positive results for the companies that we represent.

Spiros Nifakos President Mega Technologies

Spiros Nifakos - President / Sales Engineer

With a background in Naval aviation, Spiros' experiences helped him fit right in to the central Florida electronics market since he joined Mega Tech in 2004. Having received his engineering degree from the U.S. Naval Academy, Spiros served in the active duty Navy for almost 9 years. With his sights set on small business, Spiros earned his MBA from the University of Florida in 2004 and joined Mega Tech soon after. Since 2004 Spiros has led Mega through some high times and through the electronics downturn in 2008. As a result, Mega Tech has gained a very strong understanding of its market and the key players that makeup Florida's $800M electronics industry.

Jeff Lindquist - Sales Engineer Mega Technologies

Jeff Lindquist - Vice President / Sales Engineer

With almost 30 years of experience in the greater Orlando electronics marketplace, Jeff brings a level business development acumen and seasoned customer interaction that is unparalleled to Mega Tech. Jeff's pedigree as general/sales management for some of the largest Orlando distribution branches propels Mega Tech's distribution program to a best-in-class level. In addition, Jeff is no stranger to small business having founded and run his own product marketing business in Central Florida. Jeff's keen understanding of how to build effective sales teams will be the foundation upon which Mega Tech grows our sales engineering staff in the future. Having served as the GM for the former Bell Micro, Jeff's experience is key to Mega Tech's system level sell initiative into the embedded and data center markets in Florida.

Perry Jordan - Sales Engineer Mega Technologies

Perry Jordan - Sales Engineer

Perry’s journey to Mega Tech started in the late 80s when Perry cut his teeth in the financial services industry working for firms like Salomon and NatWest. In the mid-90s, he jumped into the world of electronics distribution working as an asset manager for a few years and then became a field sales person focused on demand creation and design intensive markets. Most recently Perry was the channel sales manager at one of our local design customers, Toptech Systems, selling electronic measurement systems into the petroleum market. Perry’s broad and extensive experience in the various facets of the electronics business are an asset to Mega Tech as we continue to strive to maintain and grow our keen understanding of our electronics market here in Florida.

Rafael Zambrano - Sales Engineer Mega Technologies

Rafael Zambrano - Sales Engineer

With over 25 years of engineering, management, and sales experience in the electronics industry, Rafael provides the team with a keen sense of what the customer really needs to solve their technology hurdles. As the CTO and Co-Founder of a successful engineering consulting firm, Rafael has experienced our industry from the standpoint of a customer and a solution provider. His pedigree in bringing products to market coupled with a focus on end-to-end IoT systems development, helps Rafael guide Mega Tech and its customers in the direction of sound solutions that are on-time and on-budget. Rafael supports our customers in the greater Tampa area from New Port Richey down to Naples. Such a diverse technical skill set coupled with an infectious personality, makes Rafael an invaluable part of our team and an asset to the customers he supports.

Jerry Texel - Sales Engineer Mega Technologies

Jerry Texel - Sales Engineer

Starting out as a design engineer at Baxter Healthcare, Jerry comes to Mega Tech with a keen sense of the needs of our local design community. As an Altera direct account manager in the state of Florida, Jerry continued his deep understanding of the broad market customer set that we serve. The bulk of his career serving the Florida electronics industry included almost 15 years as a rep sales engineer with two of the largest rep firms that the Florida market had seen. Jerry’s high-level understanding of systems and the diverse set of customers, both existing and emerging, will ensure that Mega Tech is the tip of the spear when it comes to demand creation in the Florida market.

Heidi Bibey Inside Sales Pro Mega Tech Inc.

Heidi Bibey - Inside Sales Pro

A veteran of central Florida's electronics market, Heidi has held positions at several Electronics Manufacturing Service providers since 1988. As a customer service professional and a proposal writer in the EMS world, Heidi has had the opportunity to deal directly with a variety of customers and to understand their needs. Her keen understanding of program structure makes her an absolute pro at solving customer's issues resulting in increased goodwill and revenue growth for our principals. She has established relationships with our partners in the distribution channel that enable her to create winning solutions for our customers, our distributors, and our principals. Heidi supports our sales efforts throughout our region with a focus on the central and north Florida markets.

Jan Ford Mega Tech Melbourne, Florida Semiconductor Manufacturer Rep.

Jan Ford - Inside Sales Pro

Small business feels like home to Jan having been involved in a local IT franchise called Data Doctors for many years. Jan received her degree in journalism from the University of Florida and her training in effective communication has proven to be an asset to Mega Tech as we strive for impeccable customer service. At Data Doctors, Jan has lived the retail side of the electronics business offering us a different view of the market. This experience has proven invaluable in understanding the inner workings of our distribution channel. Jan supports our sales efforts throughout the state with a focus on western and southern Florida.